Adjusting to a new school – by a boy with aspergers

I am 8 years old and my mum writes blogs on this website about me. I am kinda cool about this but I want to write as it’s my turn now!

As long as I can remember, possibly year 1 I wanted to be out of school and my mummy listened closely to me. We learned at home and I enjoyed it a bit but I really wanted to be in a real school with other kids like me so let’s skip to the first day at my new school. It was amazing.

I didn’t talk to the boys that much but that was ok, I learnt to play pool but I wasn’t that good. I was just new to the game but wanted to join in with the other boys and maybe meet a friend so I gave it a go, I actually feel really good now at playing pool. I also played on the PlayStation, I remember upsetting a boy on my first day but I understand why. I got excited, my arms flew out and they hit him in the face, next thing I am pinned on the floor, the boy is angry at me but I know why he felt like this, I think at my old school I would have felt like this too. In fact, anyone that touched me made me angry there.

Mozart is the name of my class. We have our own proper house and it’s where you go when you first start school and is a place where you can chill have lunch and breaks,  so…  I tried  to go to  class on day 2. I did some baking but I got angry, probably because it was my second day and I hadn’t been in class for such a long time and I felt very anxious. The teacher said we were doing some baking but I wasn’t used to a teacher telling me what we needed to do. I think he said it in a stern voice, mummy says sometimes I get confused with tons of voices and think people shout even though they aren’t. I still can’t tell the difference but I do know I shouted out BORING! The teacher said I could sit with him and be bored, so I felt so angry and I kicked him. Afterwards, I was really sorry I kicked him because I did not want to hurt anyone so afterwards I got quite upset. I was also upset because I did not get to bake any buns. Mummy told me this was a natural consequence.

So the next day I tried again as I was told that tomorrow is always a new day at my new school! Me and the teacher got on well today I actually like him now! We did baking again but I did it with my key worker. I baked 30 buns and my family were so happy as they were really yummy! I didn’t have one because they had cream in the middle of them. I don’t like cream, I don’t like the feel of anything creamy. But I was happy that all my family enjoyed them.

I go to assemblies now which I found tricky at my old school. Our assemblies are different as they are all about what we have been doing in school and we don’t talk about religion. Mummy said I can choose my religion (if I want to) when I get older. I have come to the conclusion that I believe there is a power that created the earth.

Classes here are different as there are a lot less people in it and the classroom seems a lot quieter. We have keyworkers who sit near us. My key worker doesn’t help me with my maths because she thinks I am too clever. I’ve moved classrooms to upstairs, mummy said that they move children to the upstairs class when they want to learn something a bit more difficult. The downstairs class are doing dinosaurs which I did in the first year of my old school .. in the upstairs class I am working on world war 2 and it’s really interesting.

I’ve just shouted out “I am a stegosaurus” … mummy is laughing at me.

It makes me feel happy that I am no longer different. I have noticed that I am quite good at this school, I don’t get angry anymore. It makes me feel happy because I actually now understand that I am quite smart.

Today I played a football match. I used to be scared of going near anyone that was running with a ball in case it hurt me. I am sensitive to touch but today they gave me the choice and we went to a different school to play football. I gave it a go, I felt that I accomplished something but we scored no goals so I felt sad but I am glad I gave it a go.

I am writing again and I am finding it ok but before I used to get super angry when I had to write. This time we don’t write for a long time. We are allowed to do our writing in smaller bits. This helps a lot. Now I want to write.

Now I want to do better at everything. I used to feel really hopeless before like I could not do anything but now I feel like I can do anything!


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  1. Janet Bell October 3, 2018 at 11:25 am - Reply

    Well done Spencer I think you have made a fantastic start to your new school, you are doing so well at your new school it’s always nice when people take time to listen and understand that we are all different and some people take a bit longer to do things, your school sounds wonderful you are a star 🌟 keep up the good work . 👏🙂

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