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School Exclusions – Legal Loophole Closed


If like us, your child has experienced exclusion from school due to their behaviour then a recent legal development may be about to change all this. As parents of a child that was excluded from school twice due to extreme behavioural episodes, despite having been diagnosed with aspergers and pathological demand avoidance we were interested [...]

School Exclusions – Legal Loophole Closed2018-08-21T14:54:31+00:00

Things to Do – The Power Up Retro Gaming Event in Manchester


Keeping a little aspergers boy entertained on a weekend can be challenging to say the least! Like a lot of aspergers boys (and girls) our lad has a fascination with technology and gaming. Anything that doesn't involve either of these doesn't really catch his interest so it limits what we can do. I work long [...]

Things to Do – The Power Up Retro Gaming Event in Manchester2018-08-18T20:23:17+00:00

Does anyone understand?


In the mind of my 8 year old son. Coffee cups in the car make me feel sick, the smell is strong and no one understands its making me feel sick.  No one understands. Mummy and daddy say we are going for a nice meal. We drive to the Indian restaurant and I start feel [...]

Does anyone understand?2018-08-18T18:33:08+00:00

What are Special Educational Needs?


Special Educational Needs What are Special Educational Needs (SEN)? Section 20 Children and Families Act 2014 defines a child as having Special Educational Needs(SEN) if he or she “has a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special education provision to be made for him or her”. A child is considered to have a learning difficulty if she [...]

What are Special Educational Needs?2018-08-20T16:14:48+00:00

Getting to the truth with a subject access request (SAR)


Did you know that you can access all information held about your child whether it be school, doctor or health services? In our case we requested information from the mainstream primary school that has educated our child for the last 4 years. What is a SAR (Subject Access Request) Your right to access information held about [...]

Getting to the truth with a subject access request (SAR)2018-08-17T10:33:48+00:00

Florida – our happy place


Florida must be the only place where we do not seem to experience many melt downs. Things seem to go pretty smooth here so we have been back a few times now. An aspergers child's brain needs stimulating 24/7 and it gets to do just that in Florida! To be honest,  the place keeps our whole [...]

Florida – our happy place2018-08-17T10:36:49+00:00

Where is the happy button?


It was only this morning that I had a tear in my eye and only sometimes, just sometimes it hits me like a brick wall. Where did my happy baby go? I watched him as a baby develop the most beautiful cheeky smile and oh! - the little giggles that came from his belly filled [...]

Where is the happy button?2018-08-17T10:37:02+00:00

Tips for your Multi-Agency Panel (MAP) Needs Assessment Meeting


During the EHCP process, some local authorities hold a MAP (multi agency panel) meeting to decide whether to proceed to an EHCP needs assessment. As a parent you may be invited to this meeting and I would strongly encourage you to do so. The meeting itself, whilst having a level of informality is a huge [...]

Tips for your Multi-Agency Panel (MAP) Needs Assessment Meeting2018-08-17T10:37:18+00:00

PDA – The Lightbulb Moment


PDA - That light bulb moment ! I remember the evening well. Sat on the sofa scrolling through my bible (my phone) researching as I do for hours about the behaviours that my son displays, trying to understand how his mind works why he is so angry when he has such a supportive loving family [...]

PDA – The Lightbulb Moment2018-08-17T10:37:31+00:00