We Are All Human


Yesterday was one of those days. I missed an appointment. I had a tension headache till I went to bed and I drank a few glasses of wine to get to sleep. My reason was that I was disappointed in myself. So here was my scenario. My eldest son is being a typical teenager generally [...]

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Gaining Confidence and Independence


I sit here writing this blog, pretty amazed at how far we have come. I need to go upstairs and pack my boy's bag ready for a three day residential that he will be going on tomorrow. I no longer feel nervous or feel sick with worry that he may not cope because I know [...]

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Making Time For You


The title of this blog is kind of ironic. This week seems to have all been up in the air - I have had no time to even start writing, however, this is the first night that I have managed to park my bum on the sofa at 7pm and feel I have the energy [...]

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Parenting on another level


Parenting on another level. I'm a 37-year-old mum,  my eldest child from a different marriage is neurotypical which means he is not on the autistic spectrum and nearly reaching adulthood at 18 years this year. His childhood looking back on it now was very straight forward. Don't get me wrong - we had our stroppy [...]

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A new change with positivity


I've been busy lately writing a book all about our child's journey living with Asperger's and PDA. It's taken a lot of any spare time that I had for the past 4 months. It's still not finished but I feel a big part of it has been completed and I can breathe. The process has [...]

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A New Year


We coped well this year. I'm guessing we have learnt from previous years in terms of what can trigger anxiety so now we just roll with our Christmas festivities offering lots of choices and keeping demands very low.  We have learnt to always be conscious of our child's sensory profile, it is there and hasn't [...]

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Finding me again


I was a keen gym goer for a few years. The gym was my second home, time away from being a housewife, homemaker, mum, and dog walker to our Goldendoodle. The gym was a place I could forget what was going on in our hectic life and the demands placed on me by our Aspergers/PDA [...]

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Wrong way or right way – Child Play


Definition of play - "activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation, especially by children" So this brings me to my blog about play, what's right? what's wrong? I hear it from others all the time. Too much iPad time! Too much time spent gaming! I hate the kids on them devices constantly - they should [...]

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A Unique Sensory Profile


We were blind not to see our son's unique sensory profile from a young age, but then again we didn't even know there was anything wrong until we started to question things at age 6. Perhaps I should rephrase the "anything wrong". It wasn't "wrong" - it was simply his own sensory profile that was [...]

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