School transport – a new way that works


Maybe you're like us? The nearest school that could meet the needs of your child's EHCP is miles away? Our school trip involves a 72-mile round journey a day. That's 18 miles each way, twice a day. When we found the school I was delighted. Shortly after though, I began thinking. How would our child cope [...]

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PDA – Dealing with the effect and not the cause


I am going to go straight into the subject this time. I have an 8-year-old Aspergers/PDA child though with or without a diagnosis it shouldn't matter. He was faced with total confusion for many years, sent outside the classroom many a time, restrained in front of others and dragged to the heads office. It became a [...]

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The effect a dog can have on your aspergers child.


The more I read about strategies to help a child with Aspergers the more the idea of getting a dog kept popping up in my mind. My son was struggling at the age of 6 years to make sense of his world, process information and interact and communicate with others in an appropriate way. Some of [...]

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The move


It all happened very quickly, it seemed that our hope and expectations were becoming limited when searching for the school that was the right environment for our little boy. It turned out the only school we viewed that ticked all the boxes was also hitting us with a huge red cross due to the age [...]

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Relationship struggles and PDA


I've been putting off writing this blog for some time now as I wasn't sure how I was going to word this without coming across as jealous or some kind of obsessed mother. I have walked so many miles in the woods. Just me and my dog - not knowing how to word this but [...]

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Snakes and ladders. Getting an autism diagnosis: a parents view.


How we got an autism diagnosis for our son Writing this now seems a bit hazy as it seems so many moons ago as so much has happened since getting our sons diagnosis. I have written a lot recently about what happened post diagnosis, after one battle there always seemed to be another one to [...]

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How we found the right specialist provision …


The decision to move my son from mainstream to specialist school was a decision lingering over me for some time. Hours, weeks and months went by hoping that things would improve.  Would my son cope if he gets more support?  He may get an EHCP and teachers will understand him and things will be in [...]

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Trouble at the Doctors


Most of us get slightly anxious about going to the GP. What if it turns out that nothing’s wrong? Maybe our sniffles are minor and we have wasted the doctor's time? What if they tell me I'm overweight and I need to change my diet? What happens if I do have a serious problem? Despite [...]

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